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HSE Management - Oil & Gas

HSE Management - Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector due to the inherent nature of its operations is prone to health and safety hazards. The risks could be to personnel, infrastructure, environment, capacity and brand image. Hence, the key stakeholders within the sector are committed to accomplishing the highest standards in HSE results and facilitating safe and compliant onshore/offshore operations.

The need to balance the increasing demand for energy with the difficulty in extracting from lesser reserves has resulted in a modified approach to HSE.

The mega Oil & Gas firms have all implemented robust HSE plans along with inculcating an organizational culture that would facilitate the scalability of all HSE resources in line with the organization’s long-term HSE objectives.

The latest IT technology - customized algorithm based software; 3D rendering and schematics (offshore installations) among others are being leveraged upon to evaluate and categorize HSE risk based on the outcome of distinct events. This information is then passed on to the concerned authority for informed decision making. The software can also be used to determine the asset condition.

The emphasis increasingly is on continuous improvement of HSE performance by initiating various measures:

• Establishing systems to facilitate zero incidents

• Communicating with personnel on best practices

• Performing security operations as per established international standards

• Creating strategies to mitigate environmental concerns

• Liaising with the public to overcome misconceptions

• Leveraging top notch technologies to maximize well quality and eliminate runoff

• Establishing excellent healthcare facilities

• Facilitating compliance with legislation and stakeholder requirements

- Jess Potts
Published on:
September 30, 2014
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