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Oil & Gas Integrated Operations

The day to day operations of Oil & Gas conglomerates are extremely challenging – several thousands of wells, complex network of pipelines and millions of processing equipment facilitate delivery of energy safely.

Exploration, development and production costs are constantly rising while refining margins are under pressure. In addition, an acute shortage of skilled technical personnel has resulted in an increase in employment costs.

The dependence on unconventional resources like shale oil combined with exposure to risks - drilling in ultra-deepwater, onshore operations in populated areas and the increase in expectations from regulators, shareholders and general public have highlighted the importance of an efficient OE.

Hence, the industry is constantly looking at options for enhancing operational efficiency. Operational excellence can be achieved through well documented and viable actions that in the long run lead to continuous improvement.

The key stakeholders in the industry have realized that an improvement in operational efficiency can be accomplished though the following:

• By imbibing an excellent HSE outcome in the organization’s culture that is as per global standards.

• Exceptional performance by the workforce that would facilitate better return on investments across assets.

• Top notch standards and systems being established across processes.

• Unflinching commitment from senior management that would communicate the right message to the personnel on the organization’s adherence to operational excellence.

Benefits of Operational Excellence

• Exceptional return on operations

• Significant reduction in high potential incidents

• Improvement in oil field recovery

• Efficient implementation of maintenance functions

- Jess Potts
Published on:
October 10, 2014
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