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APGA argues against LNG exports

APGA’s VP of Operations, John Erickson, explained APGA’s opposition to exporting LNG, during a panel discussion at the Pipeline Safety Trust’s Annual Conference in New Orleans.

The panel addressed the pros and cons of exporting domestic energy resources. Erickson cited a recent Energy Information Administration (EIA) study that concluded that exporting LNG would more than double natural gas prices by 2040.

He argued that a better use of domestic natural gas resources would be to use it in the US to reduce oil imports to move the country further toward the goal of energy independence. Exporting LNG would squander the energy cost advantage that US manufacturers enjoy over manufacturers in countries such as Japan and South Korea, where natural gas is far more expensive than in the US.

Also serving on the panel were Karen Hasse of the American Petroleum Institute, who argued for LNG exports, and Carl Weimer of the Pipeline Safety Trust, who raised concerns about the environmental and energy consumption effects of liquefying natural gas

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