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Pakatan threatens Dec 31 march if petrol prices do not go down

Pakatan Rakyat has said they will take to the streets in protest if the price of RON95 petrol does not go down to RM1.90 per litre by Dec 1, alleging that the current petrol and diesel pricing system is unfair to the people.

"The people will be exposed to the risk of world oil price fluctuations, but the Government is guaranteeing that costs and profits of companies selling petrol and diesel are borne by the people," said Rafizi Ramli (PKR-Pandan).

In a press statement jointly signed by Anthony Loke (DAP-Seremban) and PAS' Mohd Hatta Ramli, Rafizi said that under the current pricing formula, the Government guarantees to bear operational costs and profits of oil companies by 30 sen for each litre of RON95 petrol.

"In the sake of fairness, Pakatan wants the same 30 sen subsidy for each litre of RON95 petrol and diesel to be given to the people.

"If Barisan can guarantee the profits of oil companies, it makes no sense that the same cannot be provided to the people," he said.

While not disputing the need for the guarantee provided to oil companies as it ensured proper supply, they are seeking a "balance" of a similar subsidy for the people.

At the Parliament lobby, Loke said that if the subsidy was given, the Government would have to fork out RM7.2bil annually.

"In the budget presentation, the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak) announced that out of RM19.3bil set aside for subsidies, RM14bil was for liquid gas energy, diesel and petrol.

He added that the Government should be transparent on the matter and explain what the allocation would be used for, if not to subsidise petrol and diesel.

"So, our suggestion is very doable. It is not something we plucked out of the air," he said.

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