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The Oil & Gas Sector is a Safe Place to Work

The Oil & Gas Sector is a Safe Place to Work

Despite a perception of being a dangerous place to work, Oil & Gas rigs on the contrary are safe. Though, there are several hazardous functions at a drill site, the advancements in technology means they are managed efficiently. In the past, Oil & Gas operations used to be hazardous, technical personnel have met with accidents. However, the sector has made progress in safety improvements in the last few decades by enhancing automation, delivering robust safety training, revamping the work culture. The sector has witnessed a paradigm shift. The accident rates have come down since 1990s, such that the Oil & Gas sector is safer than several normal jobs.

According to the OSHA data “To put safety in perspective, the average 2.1 TRIR for rig operations is lower than [OSHA’s] 3.3 TRIR for real estate. You are safer statistically on the rig floor than driving around with a real estate agent.”

Physical injuries at land rigs are at the same level as a construction job while offshore rigs have a lesser injury rate than desk based jobs. In most of the cases, Oil & Gas operations in the US are known for their safety as much as their technological advancements. Oil & Gas firms have managed the risks related to exploration and production via robust HSE management programs with focus on safety of operational personnel/processes; modification in safety standards regularly, improvement in technology, continuous training and keenness to learn from mistakes.

Efficient firms regularly look-out for options to improve safety performance while making safety a fundamental aspect of the businesses. In the offshore exploration and production section, the sector has accomplished an excellent safety record while functioning in high risk environments’ by facilitating compliance with stringent and in-depth safety standards. The overall offshore fatalities has come down since 1968, while considering offshore drilling and production function has increased over the same period.

- Jess Potts
Published on:
May 5, 2015
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