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Cargo ship runs aground in Delaware River

A Netherlands-flagged cargo vessel that ran aground in the Delaware River on Monday night was righted and back safely afloat on Tuesday morning.

Bermuda Islander (3,725 dwt, built 2001), a 328-foot container ship, grounded in shallow water near Salem, New Jersey, after reportedly losing power and propulsion around 9pm on Monday.

US Coast Guard (USCG) liaised with the Delaware Pilots Association and a salvage firm. The Bermuda Islander was successfully re-floated around high tide on Tuesday morning.

None of the 12-person crew was injured nor were there reports of damage to the ship or spills from it.

The ship, owned by Bermuda International Shipping (BISL), was en route from Salem to Hamilton, Bermuda. After being re-floated it returned to the Port of Salem.

Splash 24/7
Splash 24/7
Published on:
August 26, 2015
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