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CGG makes ready Banda Arc data (Indonesia)

CGG has processed all four phases of its BandaSeis 2D BroadSeis multi-client program targeting the Banda Arc around East Indonesia and Timor Leste, which are now ready for delivery.

According to CGG, the regional program, totaling more than 14,000 km of broadband seismic data, was acquired in co-operation with the Indonesian Directorate General of Oil and Gas (Migas) and the Timor Leste National Petroleum Authority (ANP).

The seismic specialist says that the data was processed to pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) in four stages in CGG’s Singapore imaging center, with the final phase being delivered at the end of the second quarter of 2015. The final seismic images will help explorationists understand the geological development and prospectivity of the Banda Arc, which is located in the active collision zone between the Australian continental plate and the Indonesian island arc system, the French company has said.

In particular, CGG says the PSDM volumes will provide information on Mesozoic sedimentary successions, including the deltaic and marginal marine Lower to Middle Jurassic Plover Formation (and correlative successions) which contains excellent reservoir-quality sandstones in the nearby Laminaria and Corallina Fields (Bonaparte Basin, Australia), together with the Abadi and Bintuni Bay gas fields of East Indonesia.

CGG further explains that, because the Banda Arc area has abundant onshore and offshore oil and gas seeps and similarities with geologically contiguous Mesozoic and Cenozoic successions in Australia where numerous petroleum systems exist and have been exploited, the BandaSeis 2D seismic data is being correlated with new, multi-pass satellite seep data from NPA Satellite Mapping to identify potential hydrocarbon migration pathways and confirm the potential of an offshore petroleum system. The overall program will be complemented by a tectonic and structural interpretation due to be completed by GeoConsulting by the end of 2015. The BroadSeis data is of such clarity that GeoConsulting geologists have already been able to highlight new plays in the Mesozoic section, the company noted.

Luc Schlumberger, Executive Vice President, Multi-Client & New Ventures, CGG, said: “The offshore Banda Arc is an exciting, geologically complex area of great interest to petroleum explorers. We believe our BandaSeis program, which has already revealed some never-seen-before structures, will bring new insights for the evaluation of hydrocarbon prospectivity. Explorationists will benefit from more accurate and higher-resolution models of the subsurface which enhance reservoir understanding in this frontier area.”

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Offshore Energy Today
Published on:
September 24, 2015
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