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How to Write a Cover Letter

Posted 13 Jul 2015

A Cover Letter is a vital document to include with your CV when making job applications. It will provide your potential employer with further information about your skills and experience and will be relevant to the job you are applying for. It is therefore important to send one even if the employer does not state that they require a cover letter in the job description. - Jess Potts

Exclusive Insight From Oil Industry Experts – How To Survive The Current Drop In Crude Oil Prices

Posted 01 Apr 2015

Leading oil industry experts offer our readers valuable advice on the affects of the current oil price & what to do if you have lost your job or fear you soon will. - Jess Potts

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Tips for Surviving Redundancy During the Oil Crisis

Posted 20 Aug 2015

During a downturn, oil and gas companies react by making savings, sometimes at the cost of jobs. If you’ve been made redundant, it’s a shock and everyone reacts differently to the news. If you can look on the enforced change as an opportunity, you can begin to take your career in a new direction. Here are OilFinity’s tips on how to cope with redundancy and change your situation for the better. - Jess Potts

Feeling Down? How To Keep Your Head Up While Hunting For a Job

Posted 12 Aug 2015

Searching for a job can often be an extremely difficult process. It is important to know that it is natural to be anxious when unemployed, that’s why we have put together these important steps to manage your time and energy most effectively. We encourage you to keep a positive mindset and your journey to landing your dream job will be a much more pleasant experience. - Jess Potts

The Design Engineer Role

Posted 02 Mar 2015

Design Engineers facilitate research work to develop new products and equipments. They interface with other engineering personnel to deliver projects as per client requirements. - Jess Potts

Getting The Most Out Of Your Interview

Posted 26 Feb 2015

Everybody understands the importance of making a good impression to your potential employer at a job interview, yet not everyone knows how to behave and what to expect, which often makes it quite a nerve-racking experience. There are, however, several tips a job candidate could use in order to make sure they are well prepared and in control of the situation. - Jess Potts

FIVE Steps To Help Turn Bad News Into An Opportunity When Faced With A Layoff

Posted 10 Feb 2015

A very useful & wonderfully written article about how to be productive after losing your job during the current oil price scenario (and any time for that matter!) - Brant Silva, President Platte River Inspection & Rikki Smith, Owner Oilfield Jobs

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