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Careers in Unconventional Energy

Posted 06 Nov 2014

The boom in unconventional Oil & Gas activity is revamping the global energy scenario. The key players in the sector are expected to make significant capital pay-outs, thereby creating new employment opportunities within the sector, particularly in manufacturing, construction and supply chain. These jobs should not be overlooked as, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Oil & Gas workers earn more average hourly wages in comparison to workers from other sectors. - Jess Potts

Facilitating a Career Change into the Oil and Gas industry

Posted 29 Oct 2014

A career change can be very unnerving even during the best of times. However, with proper planning, you can definitely facilitate a smooth career transition into the oil and gas industry. - Jess Potts

Networking - A Powerful Tool in Boosting Your Oil & Gas Career

Posted 06 Oct 2014

Professional networking is an excellent source for getting your career breakthrough or moving up the career ladder. Networking demands excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to move from your comfort zone and reach out to people. This article outlines some of the basic tips in effectively networking. - Jess Potts

The Significance of a Role Model in Developing your Oil & Gas Career

Posted 02 Oct 2014

The early stages of a person’s career could be extremely unnerving - pressure to perform, the need to prove the technical capabilities, seeking opportunities to learn, displaying ability to handle assignments while working in a team environment. During this critical phase, having a role model could play a significant role in shaping the career. - Jess Potts

Healthcare in Oil & Gas

Posted 17 Sep 2014

The Oil & Gas industry is a very demanding sector to work for; often personnel have to put in long strenuous working hours under demanding conditions, thereby exposing them to a wide array of occupational health risks. Consequently, healthcare professionals are much needed within the industry. - Jess Potts

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