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Legal Opportunities in Oil & Gas

Posted 11 Sep 2014

In reality, this is the boom time for energy lawyers, some of the top energy partners are charging between US $ 800 and US $1,075 an hour, something unheard of even a few years ago. The sector is constantly on the lookout to recruit lawyers with expertise in mega M&A transactions. In fact, the focus is more on the lawyer than the law firm, though it translates into business opportunities for the law firm. - Jess Potts

Managing Human Resources - A Key to Oil & Gas Success

Posted 11 Sep 2014

The Oil & Gas sector is currently beset by an acute talent shortage, and is constantly competing with other sectors to attract top notch talent. Increasingly, the Oil & Gas majors have recognized the need for exceptional human resources management. - Jess Potts

Salary Negotiation and Oil & Gas Jobs

Posted 01 Sep 2014

A career growth could be measured in terms of recognition, promotion, and subject matter expertise among others. But, over and above all these indicators, for many, a successful career is reflected in terms of the pay package. But negotiating your salary could be the most difficult prospect. This article touches on some points that could be used as guidance during salary negotiation. - Jess Potts

Career Opportunities for STEM Talent in the Oil & Gas Sector

Posted 22 Aug 2014

The Oil & Gas sector is witnessing a boom in job opportunities. According to The Hays Oil & Gas 2014 Global Job Index, the job market is expected to be buoyant throughout 2014, and in the near future. This article highlights the importance of introducing the oil and gas industry to university students before they graduate - there is a huge demand for bright graduates in the industry. - Jess Potts

Engineering Consultants - A Solution for all Oil & Gas Issues

Posted 22 Aug 2014

The demand for energy globally is at its peak. Hence, the Oil & Gas sector is constantly on the lookout for discovering new sources of energy. - Jess Potts

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