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A Positive Mind-set Enhances Your Career Growth in the Oil & Gas Sector

Posted 30 Jul 2014

The Oil & Gas industry is a very demanding sector, and is not for the faint hearted. Any negative thought would adversely impact performance, and stunt career growth. An insightful article illustrating the power of positive thinking and offering some advice an employee can take to stay positive - Jess Potts

First Impression is the Best Impression - How to Impress Your Potential Employer in the Oil & Gas Sector?

Posted 30 Jul 2014

This article outlines strategies job prospects can follow to make the best first impression. - Jess Potts

Managing Mega Oil & Gas Projects

Posted 29 Jul 2014

The global Oil & Gas sector has been witnessing a string of mega projects - high risk, capital intensive projects that face unique challenges (managing science, technology and engineering functions along with addressing quality, scheduling, and cost issues) in the last few decades. Again, while rolling out mega projects, safety is paramount, and each project is faced with the daunting task of complying with environmental guidelines, and convincing various stakeholders. - Jess Potts

Excellent Soft Skills - An Intangible Asset Within the Oil & Gas Sector

Posted 29 Jul 2014

The international energy sector has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last ten years. According to the International Energy Agency, the demand for energy is expected to increase by 40% (2030). Hence, the Oil & Gas sector is increasingly looking at new sources of energy to meet this increasing demand. The key to success is teamwork - individuals from different technical and educational backgrounds must collaborate to ensure Oil & Gas can be discovered, produced and supplied to meet the global energy requirements. - Jess Potts

Technical Careers in the Oil & Gas Sector

Posted 29 Jul 2014

Energy is a technology driven business. The journey from discovering energy sources to delivering energy to the end user is a long, arduous and risky process. The industry must constantly be in sync with top notch technology to stay competitive. Therefore, professionals with exceptional technical skills are much sought after throughout the chain – from exploration to production. - Jess Potts

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