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Taking up a field job in the Oil & Gas industry


Article Summary: Looking to enter into the Oil and Gas industry? This article offers an insight into some of the field jobs with high demand, and discusses the benefits of working within the Oil and Gas industry. The oil and gas industry is the top job-creating sector in the US. These workers, with the exception of gas station employees, maintain an average annual salary of $93,000 - well above the average private sector wage. - Jess Potts

The Oil & Gas sector is amongst the most demanding, and a field job within the sector, it just doesn’t get tougher.

The sector has propelled several regions impacted by low wages and lack of opportunities in the high growth trajectory.

There is evidence to prove workers doing marginal jobs have witnessed a spike in their remuneration after taking up field jobs. On the flip side, they have to spend long hours in hazardous environments away from their families, it’s basically, “just sleep, work, sleep”, but the better pay package more than compensates for it, and hence, no one is complaining.

The massive influx of workers is causing labour shortage in other sectors.

In fact, people have become millionaires overnight. Youngsters without special skills and proper college degree have also landed lucrative field jobs.

Here is an insight into some of the field jobs with demand:

Petroleum Engineers

Entry level engineers are much sought after. The Oil & Gas firms prefer to provide on-the- job training to enhance the skill levels instead of recruiting engineers from other sectors.

Hence, any raw engineering talent has got huge potential to be moulded to suit the industries requirements.

Petroleum Engineers have an inherent technical acumen to expand the boundaries of learning, while solving highly challenging technical issues expeditiously. It’s this expertise that puts them right at the top of recruiters’ lists.

They can specialize in Oil & Gas drilling, reservoir management among others.

Reservoir Engineers

They play a critical role in discovering Oil & Gas reserves, devising strategies & performing simulation studies to optimize recovery. Hence, there will always be a perennial demand for them within the sector.

Drilling Engineers

They are responsible for planning, designing and executing various drilling methods covering different well types, while ensuring drilling is carried out in compliance with established safety standards. Again, there is always a demand for these technical personnel.

- Jess Potts

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