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The Administrator Role Within Oil & Gas


The Administrator manages administrative work functions pertaining to a department or project, while also assisting with making business critical decisions. They are the nerve centre of any office and assist businesses across the globe. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 20 million personnel managing office and administrative duties. - Jess Potts

The duties handled by an Administrator include the following:

• Formulating and maintaining spreadsheets, reports, databases, project plans
• Managing manual/electronic filing systems
• Collecting and processing time sheets, expenses, invoices/purchase orders
• Receiving calls
• Scheduling meetings
• Ensuring documentation for meetings is available
• Arranging business/offshore visits
• Developing technical documentation packs
• Handling budgets
• Validating and releasing payments
• Planning team building activities
• Handling Visas
• Organizing orientation programs for new members
• Processing invoices

There are several designations for administrative personnel - project administration, administrative assistant, project secretary among others. The demand for these professionals increases with an increase in the economic activity.

In an energy project, the work functions are divided according to various segments, but it is the project administration section in which all the work configures.

Project Secretaries

They are associated with a project from the beginning and are usually the last to leave the office on a daily basis. Once the project is allocated a specific work place, the secretary organizes desks for the personnel. Again, they have to establish the basic infrastructure - systems, telephones and related technology. They also handle all project related documentation.

Basic Entry Level Requirements

• Exceptional IT, organization, communication, and administration skills.
• Attention to detail
• Ability to cope with pressure
• Professional work ethic
• Qualification
• Having HNC/HND or equivalent would be desirable

Salary for an Entry Level Person

£16,000 - £18,000

Salary for an Experienced Person

£20,000 - £28,000

- Jess Potts

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