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The Design Engineer Role


Design Engineers facilitate research work to develop new products and equipments. They interface with other engineering personnel to deliver projects as per client requirements. - Jess Potts


The following are the responsibilities of Design Engineers:

• Creating design plans
• Designing energy technologies
• Developing engineering drawings to relevant standards
• Leveraging Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) to develop equipments
• Updating and maintaining technical documentation
• Delivering technical assistance to offshore/on site personnel
• Validating quality of finished equipment
• Recommending designs of mechanical products and systems
• Conducting testing of production equipment
• Processing and presenting technical information
• Evaluating product layouts
• Leading project personnel
• Performing risk assessment
• Optimizing equipment to key capital improvement
• Measuring energy savings
• Utilizing mathematical models to conduct design and specification calculations
• Formulating schedules of work and feasibility studies
• Preparing cost estimates
• Implementing design strategies and processes
• Liaising with suppliers and clients to accomplish requirements
• Resolving business issues
• Enhancing efficiency of existing systems
• Conducting research and developing ideas for new products
• Establishing production criteria
• Procuring materials for production
• Mentoring technical personnel in constructing developed systems
• Interpreting blueprints and technical drawings
• Evaluating customer design proposals
• Facilitating compliance with engineering design and performance specifications
• Staying abreast with engineering trends
• Overseeing installation and final commissioning
• Maintaining the product design standards
• Developing project plans using MS Project
• Briefing clients on trial installations
• Assessing cost, safety and time constraints
• Providing front-end engineering and design (FEED) for onshore and offshore upstream projects
• Furnishing capital expenses and cost estimates for Oil & Gas projects
• Streamlining engineering processes

Entry Level Requirement

• HND in a related subject
• Degree in a related discipline
• Chartered Engineer (a professionally recognised qualification)
• Offshore safety training and Medical Certificate

Starting Salary

£23,000 – £30,000

Salary for Experienced

£45,000 upwards

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- Jess Potts

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