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Introduction to Oil and Gas

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The Introduction to Oil and Gas library includes 12 self-paced eLearning courses intended to provide you with a solid introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry primarily from an upstream perspective.

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Advanced Techniques and Intervention

- The reasons for, and methods of, directional drilling

- How and why we might choose to drill with an underbalanced wellbore

- Some of the more common means of well intervention

Geology and Hydrocarbon Formation 1

- Geology and its importance to the petroleum industry

- Geological timescales

- Rocks and their formation

Geology and Hydrocarbon Formation 2

- Hydrocarbon formation and storage

- Hydrocarbon exploration and


Oil and Gas History

- The early uses of crude oil

- The origins of the oil industry

- How the oil industry grew and developed

- Some of the major accidents that have occurred

- How technology has pushed the industry forward

Oil and Gas Completions

- How well completions provide the means to produce the hydrocarbons to surface

- The various different completion designs that may be utilized

- The components that must be incorporated into the design to optimize production in a safe manner

Oil and Gas Drilling 1

- The major components of the drilling rig

- The different components that make up the Drill String

- The role of the Mud System

Oil and Gas Drilling 2

- How Casing and Cementing of the well is carried out

- Different methods of well control

- The all important drilling operation itself

Oil and Gas Evaluation

- The methods used to evaluate a well

- The type of data gathered and how we use that data

- The different stages125. in a well and reservoir when evaluation is required

Oil and Gas Offshore

- The logistics

- The technological challenges faced

- Production considerations

- The increased hazards and safety considerations

- The cost implications

Oil and Gas Production 1

- What makes up a production field and facility

- How oil and gas are separated within a process system

Oil and Gas Production 2

- The manner of various transportation methods

- How different substances are made from hydrocarbons

Rigs and Installations

- Rig types and capabilities

- Drilling rig equipment and how it has improved

- The people required to drill a well

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