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Acid Gas Compression and Injection

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This one-day course provides comprehensive information on the design and operation of acid gas compression and injection facilities. The session includes a review of the phase behavior of acid gas mixtures and outlines the methods for estimating the properties of acid gas for the design of the compression and injection facilities. Methods for controlling corrosion and prevention of the formation of hydrates are outlined. Design considerations of compression and cooling equipment, injection line, well completion, and reservoir selection are also discussed. Technical and operations persons involved in the specification, design or operation of acid gas injection projects would greatly benefit from this course. A comprehensive set of course notes is included.

A complete set of course materials and lunches are included.

Course Outline

◾Brief Review of Sour Gas Sweetening

◾Acid Gas Handling - Sulphur Recovery

◾Acid Gas Handling - Compression and Injection

◾Prediction of Physical Properties of Acid Gas

◾Corrosion and Hydrate Control

◾Water Content Estimation Methods

◾Maximum Discharge Pressure Determination

◾Number of Compression Stages

◾Cooler Design Considerations

◾Materials Selection

◾Injection Well Completion

◾Reservoir Considerations

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