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Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy

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Monday, November 16, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

----------------------------------------------- Course Description:-

This 2-day Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy short-course is an introduction to the ‘applied’ side of sequence stratigraphy. That means the course is not academic, and we will not be trying to figure out whether the cyclicity in your basin is from climate-change, tectonics etc, we won’t spend ages drawing Wheeler Diagrams for your basin, and we certainly won’t be drawing coastal onlap curves. The objective of this course is to help you find more oil and gas using sub-surface data. Topics include the recognition of key sequence stratigraphic surfaces and systems tracts in seismic, well- logs, core and outcrop.

Exercises during the Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy course will teach participants how to pick key sequence stratigraphic surfaces in core and logs.

A complete set of course materials and lunch is included in the Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy course.

------------------------------------------------------ Who Should Attend:-

The Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy course is best for Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists and Engineers who wish to develop a better understanding of the factors that control reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization of their reservoirs.

The Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy course assumes no prior knowledge of sequence stratigraphy and will provide participants with a solid foundation that they can build on by taking more advanced courses.

------------------------------------------ Course Outline:-

The following is the proposed outline for the Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy course.

Day 1 :-

Introduction, applications, 4 events 7 surfaces and their recognition in core, well-logs and seismic. Siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy of shallow and deep-marine depositional systems and prevalent models.

Exercise: Sequence analysis on siliciclastic core and logs

Day 2:-

Carbonate sequence stratigraphy and its control on reservoir distribution and quality, recognition of key surfaces in core.

Exercise: Sequence analysis on carbonate core and logs

This course is a foundation course. Related courses that can be taken are:

•Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Workshop

•Well Log Sequence Stratigraphy for clastic and carbonate reservoirs

•Interpreting environments of deposition using seismic horizon and time slices

------------------------------------------------- Instructor:-

Ali Jaffri, Ph.D. Dr. Jaffri is the founder of Applied Stratigraphix LLC, has a doctorate in geology, and specializes in sequence stratigraphy. Between consulting projects, full-time positions and internships he has worked on the Williston Basin, the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, West Africa, Southern Indus Basin, the Pricaspian Basin of Kazakhstan and others.

His doctorate at Colorado State University focused on sequence stratigraphy of mixed carbonate- siliciclastic-evaporite systems of the Williston Basin in the U.S., and modern coastlines in the Middle East. The doctoral work was supplemented with projects with ExxonMobil Research Labs, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Delta Petroleum, and Brigham Oil and Gas. Masters Degree was acquired from a well-known petroleum school in the U.S. (Oklahoma State University), and the thesis focused on mechanical stratigraphy of a fractured carbonate reservoir. Bachelors from the University of Colorado at Boulder involved detailed fieldwork on fluvial stratigraphy.

Over the past few years Dr. Jaffri has trained geoscientists, managers and engineers at Statoil, Wintershall, Kuwait Energy Company, Tullow Oil, VNG Norge, Core Energy, United Energy Pakistan, OGDCL, BP Pakistan, Faeroe Petroleum, Ocean Pakistan Ltd, Pakistan Oilfields Limited and others. He is also an instructor for Schlumberger’s NExT Geoscience training company and leads field-trips in Colorado and Utah, USA as a collaborator with GEOkonsulentene, Norway, 4Dimension, United Arab Emirates and iReservoir, USA.

----------------------------------------- Venue:-

Downtown Venue To Be Announced Calgary - Downtown Core

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