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In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD

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Friday, November 20, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

---------------------------------------------------- Course Description:-

On one hand, this one-day SAGD course can be considered a crash course for individuals who have just started work in SAGD industries, while on the other hand it is a course for individuals who have been working in SAGD for many years but have never had the chance to grasp a “high level picture” of SAGD plants.

The In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD course explains important and popular aspects of SAGD plants in a plain language easily understandable for individuals in managerial and technical roles.

Three main segments of SAGD plants/projects will be covered; CPF (Central Processing Facility), pipelines and well pads.

The approach taken is to initially take a black box approach for each element of the plant by covering the goal and duty of the item, then going through the black box by introducing different technologic bases and finally providing a physical sense regarding their size or other frequently-referred operating parameters.

For projects engineers and managers, a general SAGD plant will be examined through a panel-type exhaustive evaluation of the product from various aspects. These aspects include temperature and pressure profiles, chemical injection points, air emission points, disposal, recycle and rule of thumb for cost of the plant.

A complete set of course materials and lunch is included in the In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD course.

---------------------------------------- Who Should Attend:-

The In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD course is recommended for individuals working in SAGD plants and/or projects or willing to work in this field.

The In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD course is designed for:

•Project Managers

•Project Engineers

•Mechanical Engineers

•Process Engineers

•Automation and Control Engineers

•Instrumentation Engineers and Technologists

•Planners and Schedulers

•Quality Control Managers

------------------------------------------------ Course Outline:-

The following topics are covered in the In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD course:


•SAGD Technology

•Well Pad

•Gathering Pipelines

•Central Plant Facility - CPF

◦Produced Gas System

◦Bitumen Treatment (Oil Separation)

◦De-oiling (Oil Removal)

◦Water Treatment (BFW)

◦Steam Generation

◦Utilities & Auxiliaries

•Recycle / Waste Disposal



•What is Oil, Oil Classification & Oil sands

•Where is Bitumen in Alberta?

•Why is SAGD used in Alberta?

The SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Process

•Why Steam Assistance?

•How does SAGD work?

•Main Segments of a SAGD Plant – A Big Picture

Well Pads

•What to inject into the reservoir?

•What comes out of the reservoir?

•What are SOR, WOR and GOR? How are they


•Pad concept and typical Well Pad Process Setup

•Lifting Mechanism

•Production and size of well pairs and well pads

Gathering Pipelines Purpose, Pipeline System to/from CPF Central Plant Facility (CPF) •Produced Gas System: Purpose and Typical Process configuration setup.

•Bitumen Treatment: Objective of the unit, what to separate based on sales oil specifications, separation mechanism, equipment and technologies used, purpose of diluent addition and its effect, de-sanding requirement and its configuration setup.

•De-Oiling Unit: Objective of the unit, what to separate, sales oil specifications, separation mechanism, equipment and technologies used, purpose of diluent addition and its effect, de-sanding requirement and its configuration setup.

•Water Treatment: Why reuse Produced Water, How to purify and recycle, process configuration setup, what are impurities and how to remove impurities, equipment and technologies, traditional vs. mechanical vapor compression treatment methods, how to choose a water treatment system and salient design criteria.

•Steam Generation: BFW vs. PW, heat optimization, how much steam and how many OTSG needed, OTSG and Drum Boiler, typical designs, steam generation system setup.

Recycle / Waste Disposal •Utilities & Auxiliaries: Fuel Gas, Flare System, VRU System, Instrument Air, Utility air, Utility Water, Utility Steam, glycol, Make-up Water type and treatment

•Waste Disposal and Emissions: Gas emitting points, Solid Waste Points, Liquid Waste Generating Points, typical treatment, recycle and discharge setup, overall SAGD plant waste summary chart

Economics Capital cost elements; Supply cost, rule of thumb etc. And a lot more…

------------------------------------------------ Instructor:-

M. Arshadul Huda, M.Eng, P.Eng, C.Eng, MIChemE M. Arshadul Huda is a seasoned Process Engineer with more than 18 years of diverse industry experience in process design, studies, simulations, technical services, optimization, debottleneck, economics and project coordination in operating and EPC environments focusing in Oil & Gas Processing Plants, Pipelines and Petrochemicals projects.

He has worked on well pads and central plant facility of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) plant design from conceptual to detailed engineering phase of green field as well as debottleneck in different technical and managerial roles.

He holds an M. Eng degree in Chemical & Petroleum from University of Calgary, Canada.

Arshadul Huda is a registered professional engineer in the province of Alberta and affiliated with APEGGA as P. Eng. He is also a Chartered Engineer (C. Eng) and Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (MIChemE), UK.

---------------------------------------------- Venue:-

Downtown Venue To Be Announced Calgary - Downtown Core

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