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De-Oiling: Oil Removal From Water

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Friday, November 27, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

--------------------------------------------- Course Description:-

This one-day De-Oiling: Oil Removal From Water course reviews the methods of removing oil from oil-in-water mixtures. Different modes of oil presence in water will be studied, and main unit operations for deoiling, such as API separator, Skim Tank, Floatation methods (ISF and IGF), Oil Removal Filters, Centrifuges, Hydrocyclones, Coalescers, and Demulsification methods will be discussed. Additionally, several case studies will be presented and discussed in class.

A complete set of course materials and lunch is included in the De-Oiling: Oil Removal From Water course.

----------------------------------------------- Course Outline:-

The following topics are covered in the De-Oiling: Oil Removal From Water course:

1. Oil In Water: Different modes of existence

2. Emulsions: Effective parameters

3. Oil In Water Parameters: TPH, FOG, etc, & Oil Assay

4. Oil Removal Methods: Creaming, Filtration

5. Applicability, Design Basis, Approximate

Operation Performance, and Different types of:

•Skim Tanks & API Separators

•Gas Flotation Equipments: DAF, ISF, IGF


•Centrifuges: Two phase & Three phase

•Oil Filtration: Conventional & Ultrafiltration types

•Coalescers: Plate(PPI, CPI, etc.), Loose media, and Fixed Media Types

•Adsorption: Activated Carbon & Bentonite

•Demulsification Methods: Slop treating systems,

Demulsifier injection

6. Practical Aspects of Deoiling:

•Oily and Sludge Streams Out of Deoiling Equipment

•Operation of Deoiling Equipment (e.g. oil slugs)

7. Deoiling Equipment Arrangements

8. Deoiling Comparison Tables and Rules of Thumb

9. Case Studies

--------------------------------------------------------------- Instructor

Mohammad Toghraei MSc. P.Eng. Mohammad Toghraei has over 20 years experience in the field of Process Engineering and industrial water treatment. His main expertise is in the treatment of wastewater from oil and petrochemical complexes. For the past ten years he has taken on different technical roles in water treatment areas of oil extraction projects. He is now working as an independent consultant.

His method of instruction is rooted in his belief in training that conveys real-life experience to working professionals from different backgrounds who prefer not to be away from work for too long.

Mohammad also provides consultation to companies on a short-term, long-term, or casual/ongoing basis. His expertise spans from conceptual studies, FEED, and troubleshooting of de-oiling and water treatment units, to detail engineering services for general process industries including water, oil, and sulfur.

Mohammad has received a BSc. in Chemical engineering and an MSc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran, and is a member of APEGA.

----------------------------------------------- Venue:-

Downtown Venue To Be Announced Calgary - Downtown Core

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