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P&ID: Reading and Interpretation

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Thursday, October 1, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday, October 2, 2015 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

---------------------------------------------- Course Description:-

The 2-day P & ID Reading and Interpretation course will provide participants with the principles of P & ID drawings which are used in process industries. This course is suitable for individuals dealing with P & ID’s in all Process industries including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water & wastewater, and Food processing industries.

A road map of P & ID during the lifetime of a design project is studied. Symbols, tagging, and basic explanations of popular items in P & ID drawings are among the topics covered and, for broader understanding, the different arrangements of each item is presented. Additionally given are some rules of thumb on P & ID's.

This course will cover piping, valves and control valves, tank and vessels, pumps, heat exchangers and control systems, including BPSC, SIS, and Alarm. Each individual concept is reinforced using P&ID schematics specific to the topic.

Course Includes

Real life P & ID’s, Acronym lists, Exercises (for class activity)

A complete set of course materials and lunch is included in the P & ID Reading and Interpretation course.

--------------------------------------- Who Should Attend:-

The P&ID: Reading and Interpretation course is designed for:

•Process Engineers

•Automation Engineers

•Instrumentation Engineers and Technologists

•Mechanical Engineers

•Operation and Maintenance Personnel

•Piping Designers

•CADD Drafters

•Construction Managers and Civil Engineers

•Project Engineers.

-------------------------------------------- Course Outline:-

The following topics will be covered in the P & ID Reading and Interpretation course:-

•P & ID: Its Role, Content, and Milestones

•P & ID Anatomy & General Rules

•Provision for Ease of Maintenance

•Pipes & Fittings: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

•Valves: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

•Control Valves: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

•Containers: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

1. Tanks 2. Vessels

3. Ponds

•Fluid Transferring: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

Liquid Movers:-

Centrifugal pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps 2. Gas Movers (briefly) •Heat Exchangers: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

•Pressure/Vacuum Relief Devices: Symbols, Tagging, and Arrangements

•Dealing with Ambient:-

1. Heat Conservation 2. Winterization

•Operator Safety

Insulation for personal protection•Utilities:

1. Different Utilities and Their Applications

2. Utility Networks

•Instrumentation & Control:-

1. BPCS (Basic Process & Control System)

2. Alarm System

3. SIS (Safety Interlock System)

-------------------------------------- Instructor:-

Mohammad Toghraei MSc. P.Eng. Mohammad Toghraei has over 20 years experience in the field of Process Engineering and industrial water treatment. His main expertise is in the treatment of wastewater from oil and petrochemical complexes. For the past ten years he has taken on different technical roles in water treatment areas of oil extraction projects. He is now working as an independent consultant.

His method of instruction is rooted in his belief in training that conveys real-life experience to working professionals from different backgrounds who prefer not to be away from work for too long.

Mohammad also provides consultation to companies on a short-term, long-term, or casual/ongoing basis. His expertise spans from conceptual studies, FEED, and troubleshooting of de-oiling and water treatment units, to detail engineering services for general process industries including water, oil, and sulfur.

Mohammad has received a BSc. in Chemical engineering and an MSc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran, and is a member of APEGA.

--------------------------------------- Venue:-

Barclay Room - Bow Valley Square Conference Centre

Suite 300, 205 5th Ave SW

Calgary, AB

T2P 2V7


The Bow Valley Square Conference Centre is located on the 3rd floor of the Bow Valley Square building. You can access the conference centre by taking the escalators from the northeast building entrance (near the Tim Horton's) to the food court level, and then taking the escalator up one more floor. On the 3rd floor there will be signs directing you to the conference centre.

The conference centre will have signs directing you to the appropriate room.

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