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Petroleum Drilling Operations Practices

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Jan26-30, Apr6-10, Sep14-18, Nov23-27

This training course is ideal for drilling engineers, drilling operations and completion personnel, drilling supervisors, managers and other support personnel.

The Petroleum Drilling Operations Practices training course program provides in-depth understanding to participants regarding on best drilling operation practices in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry. A variety of topics are covered in this training course program that include evaluation of alternative drilling methods; bit selection and application; stuck pipe problem and avoid potential problems; maintaining drilling fluids, lifting capacity, pressure control and pressure losses in the circulating system; hole cleaning, sloughing shale, lost circulation; casing and drill string design, selection of casing seats, BOP equipment; petroleum oil well cementing methods, cement additives and displacement mechanics; maximizing hydraulics at the rig; horizontal drilling, directional drilling and deviation control; well control problems; well planning process, integration of completion and drilling plans; and cost control; potential health and safety issues at the rig site in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry.

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